Glass Cutting CNC Machine

Fully automated Glass CNC cutting machine which has the ability to cut glass of different thickness in a variety of complex designs is now thoroughly designed and manufactured by specialists in Alvand Machine.

This high-quality machine has a competitive edge in comparison to similar European products.

Some of the features of this device are:

Ability to cut a variety of geometric, circular, curved, etc. (Shape Cutting)

Ability to adjust the machine’s cutting speed via PC

Adjustable cutting head pressure (diamond) based on thickness and type of glass

Ability to move glass (high thickness) on cutting board by air pressure

Automatic alignment software to reduce the amount of glass cutting waste with the ability to provide DXF output file

Ability to transfer pneumatic glass on cutting surface

Ability to activate the blower with a foot pedal for ease and speed

Ability to simulate the cutting path to ensure the accuracy of maps and pre-cutting settings (head movement as per map but without diamond contact with glass)

High-quality special wax is provided to cover the surface of the machine’s table to create the best glass cut in complex designs. Maps can be a combination of straight cuts and complex, curved shapes designed using a computer (AutoCAD software). A strong layer of air is created between the table and the glass cup using a high blower and the holes on the table.

This effectively reduces friction between the table and the cup and facilitates hand-to-hand glass movement.

Technical Specifications of SaraTex Glass Cutting Machine:

Cutting of Saratex glass

CNC technical specifications

Model ST-GCM-3.4
General dimensions of the device 3300 × 4000 × 1700mm
Dimensions of the device table 3000 × 4000 mm
Maximum width of the cut glass. 2500 × 3450 mm
Table height 960 mm
Glass thickness 1 – 19 mm
Cut speed 100 m/min
Device error rate per mm 2,500 0.25 mm
X and Y axes system Servo Motor
Device weight 1600 Kg
Consumer wind pressure.  6 bar
Power rate installed 9 Kw
Required power 360 V – 3 Ph