About Alvand machine

Alvand Machine Company

The story of our company dates back to 1984. That’s right: 37 years ago! Our company was launched by Mr. Mohsen Navaei and our main activity was producing textile machinery such as shearing machines, sizing machines, air tables and so on. Those days we worked with many famous carpet companies in Iran and we held many fairs inside and outside of country. Our machines are produced by the name of SaraTex. Actually, we were the first and most influential powerful company in the field of textile machinery in Iran. A few years later we decided to add some more production lines and produce other machines like Glass Cutting CNC Machine, Foam cutting CNC machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC OXY-fuel Cutting Machine and 3D Printers. All our high quality machines are in accordance with European standards. Our team is highly educated and talented and we are able to design and produce all production lines and industrial machines according to customers’ orders. It is an honor to announce that we have co-operated with numerous famous carpet companies in Iran.