CNC OXY-fuel Cutting Machine

The use of gas cutting machines is a method that has been used in the metal cutting industry for many years. The air oxy-fuel device is an ideal way to be used in many industrial applications and parts manufacturing due to its cost-effectiveness. In some cases, oxygen-gas cutting machines can produce parts that cannot be made easily by other methods. This also allows many parts to be produced more economically than laser, plasma and water cutting.

Alvand Machine Company, experienced in producing all kinds of CNC machines and realizing the need of active industrialists in this field, has used the latest equipment and modern electronics as well as robotics to manufacture CNC Cutting Machine.

With all the steps of designing and manufacturing of CNC air-conditioning machine carried out in the company, it is possible to supply customized products in line with the customers’ needs.

This device has the following capabilities, equipment and specifications:

Cut sheets up to 300 mm thick

Cutting accuracy of 0.5 mm

Ability to add plasma cutting head

Very high quality American torch

User-friendly Windows software with easy to use DXF and DWG files

Ability to manufacture the device in the desired dimensions according to the customers’ requirements

Torch height control system

Ability to change the speed of movement and cut using the software

Program’s resume from the last cut point in case of power failure

Ability to select the cut-off point from software’s options

Rack and Pinion drive system using Linear Motion Guide

Containing a gallery of various default shapes in the software

Electrostatic paint

Installation of valves, regulators and gas pressure gauge on X-axis control box

Being equipped with work area control microwaves

Manual Wireless Remote Control

Having elegant and stylish appearance