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three-dimensional printing

Alvand Machine Company besides producing 3D printers with different application and working dimensions to meet the needs of esteemed customers also provides professional 3D printing services.

 Manufacturing of all types of sample parts and 3D samples in different dimensions and genders in this collection is done.

 The runtime or 3D printing depends on the thickness of the sample and the selected material.

Ability to run in different sizes even large sizes by attaching smaller printed parts

 Large pieces can be run up to 400 x 600 x 400 mm in one piece.

 Layer thickness 200 to 600 microns

 Useful integrated dimensions up to (400 * 400 * 600 mm)

 It is possible to produce larger pieces by the puzzle method.

 Machine accuracy: 0.1 mm along the x and y axis, and 0.05 mm along the Z axis.

Raw materials: pla – abs – pva – pc – pa – petg – pom – ce abs – wood – flexible -t glass – naylon

Applicable Material: It is possible to produce custom-made parts depending on the order in the Saratex collection. Common genera in 3D printing are PLA and ABS.

Accurate execution of parts using the PLA is superior to ABS.

The melting temperature of parts made of PLA is 180 degrees Celsius and ABS is 210 degrees Celsius.

Application of samples produced using 3D printing technology:

* Pre-mold prototyping

* Cast as model

* Molding all kinds of resin and silicone parts as models

* Use as mold for resin and silicone parts etc.

* Use as original piece

* Manufacture of replicas

Ready-to-print maps are available for free at:

Call for more information and free consultation (Engineer Khatib): 09127146165